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There's a reason why I've never started a blog: if I did, it would probably be duller than the dullest blog in the world. Such is my life. I wonder why, when I say that I have no passions, most people think it's a provocation.
I guess that my only passions, if they can be called this way, are the people I know. And, and, one of those people, namely diamondie has just tagged me, prompting to write six weird things about myself. I won't tag anybody else, because I don't know anyone here, so tagging somebody would be a pretty weird thing in itself.

Anyway, let's begin:
  • diamondie is thinking about getting pierced, I already am, on my left earlobe. I actually decided to get pierced after buying a pair of earrings that were too stupid not to get pierced just so I could wear them. They are blue and shaped like a role-playing game d20, with a small chain, 2 cm long or so. So, on special occasions, you can see me with a tiny blue d20 hanging from my left ear.
  • I can barely tell a painting from a sculpture. Nonetheless, I've been in a somewhat famous "" group from 2000 to 2003 or so, and the projects I worked on were mentioned on the New York Times (a dedicated four-columns article, no less), were presented at the Venice Biennial, and the first "artwork" I worked on is permanently on display at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, among other things.
  • I started smoking at 25, because I suddenly thought that a cigarette would have complemented well a book I was reading.
  • I've actually bought at least two Linux software programs for personal use: Crossover and WineX/Cedega, and for weird reasons, too: I bought Crossover to try out Habbo Hotel (I thought and still think that their business model rocks, it was Second Life before Second Life existed), which I only did a couple of times, and bought WineX not to play games, but to watch demos.
  • At the moment, I'm supporting myself by automatically (as in, a program I wrote does it for me) betting on horse races. Yep, it's possible. No, you shouldn't try this at home. No, really, you shouldn't.
  • I've been in an open relationship with my long-time girlfriend for four years and counting. Amazingly, it seems to work well, probably because we've never considered it a hip and cool and oh-so-modern thing, but just as something sensible. I think that falling in love with someone else is one of the stupidest reasons to end a romantic relationship. Of course it's going to happen sooner or later, but why should we choose between two mutually exclusive alternatives? I mean, one can have more than one friend at a time, now, can he?

That's it. Nothing terribly exciting.
  • Listening to: a bird singing
  • Reading: my palm
  • Watching: my back
  • Playing: the fool
  • Eating: my words
  • Drinking: the kool-aid


Roberto Orsini

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